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Sculpture as Art

110_Fotolia_712429_XMost art nuts love sculpture and we are no exception. The definition of sculpture is an art form in three dimensions that is created thought he use of many materials including glass, clay, plastic, steel, stone, marble or other metals and alloys. Particularly in the case of outdoor sculpture and sculpture gardens many of the art works are done in metals so they can withstand the elements. There are many different media that can be used in the creation of sculpture. More modern forms of sculpture include the use of recycled products to create the art.

There are many occasions in which recycled materials can make a tremendous piece of art. Here in St. Petersburg FL where we are you can find some amazing sculpture that was created from recycled materials. If you decide you want to improve your St Petersburg real estate and you visit the city construction offices in downtown St Petersburg FL you will find amazing sculpture that has bee created from old power tools.

These sculpture are suspended from the ceiling and created to look like flying insects.Often times I have been in the building department to get information on a building permit on real estate in the city of St Petersburg FL and marveled at the amazing sculpture there at the construction offices.There is another great example of sculpture using recycled materials here in St Petersburg where you can find a gigantic sculpture of a lizard on top of the city mechanics offices. This lizard is made from old car parts and is truly amazing.Many sculptors create art from detritus and other peoples trash. These materials are molded together or welded in the case of metals. The exterior of the metals may be embellished with paint or other media to accentuate the artists theme.

Sculpture is often times an important function of public artwork and is regularly found in public buildings and parks. There are many city’s and municipalities that feature large displays of varying works of sculpture called sculpture gardens. These public displays area great way to enjoy art in a natural setting and really soak in the artists work.