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Art Nut Sculpture

Welcome to the Art Nut Sculpture Park Website

Thank you for visiting the website. The art nut site is dedicated to promoting some of the great sculpture and art parks around the world. There are some really great art parks to be visited with sculptures from famous artists like Melvin Charney and others. We hope you will enjoy the celebration of their works in such beautiful settings. You can view some basic information on sculpture parks and gardens as well as find out about Art Parks as well. You can also access our directory of Art Parks, sculpture gardens and Sculpture Parks around the world so if you are travelling or just looking for a day in the park we can recommend some great locations to view the art of some of the worlds greatest sculptors and artists.

What is a Sculpture Garden? A sculpture garden is generally set outdoors in and is primarily focused on the visual showcase of sculptures both small and large. These parks and gardens are often endowed with permanent outdoor sculpture from a variety of artists. The sculptures that are featured are typically accented by natural gardens and foliage designed to enhance the art.Sometimes a sculpture garden can showcase and feature a private collection and be on private property. Sculpture gardens can also be found adjacent to museums and public buildings and can sometimes require a fee for visitation but often times they it is free to visit these places of beauty and enjoy the artwork in a very natural and beautiful setting which compliments their form. City parks and public buildings are often enhanced by works of sculpture which can be enjoyed for free by the general public without any cost of admission. These sculpture parks are usually an assembly of works by various artists.These sculpture parks can feature art of different shapes and sizes from a collection of smaller sculptures to large works of art sculpture that are specifically designed for the site that they are placed on.

There are many places that have great sculpture parks and art gardens. We were in St Petersburg FL recently looking at St Petersburg and Clearwater real estatewhen we discovered a great sculpture garden right in the heart of downtown St Petersburg FL. There are some really nice settings to view the sculpture and this site can tell you all about the St Petersburg and Clearwater real estatethat we were looking at that is very close to the Sculpture gardens, museums and other attractions in the St Petersburg and Clearwater area. There are also great sites regarding the Tampa Bay real estatewhich covers the entire area as well as some great information on art festivals and cultural events in Gulfport FL. You can also see that information on Gulfport real estateand find out a little bit about the festivals and events that are held in Gulfport FL that celebrate the artistic community.
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We recently enjoyed visiting some very special sculpture parks in the tidewater area of Maryland along the eastern shore of Maryland. There are some beautiful a scenic vistas to look at and many really great art museums and sculpture gardens to visit in Easton Maryland and the surrounding area. There are even some homes for sale in Easton Maryland and theeastern shore real estatethat are within walking distance of the sculpture gardens located in town. We recently went there too look at the real estate in the eastern shore area of Marylandand discovered some great museums and parks not only in Easton Maryland but in the greater area known as the eastern Shore of Maryland. The homes in Easton Maryland are historic and very beautiful and are in and of themselves works of art. You can see this site that is all about real estate on Maryland’s eastern shore and Easton Maryland real estate.
The desert has some great places to look at landscapes as well as sculpture gardens and parks. When you think of sculpture gardens you would not normally think of the area of Southwest New Mexico but that is exactly where we took a trip recently to find some really amazing sculpture parks and artistic expression. On our travels we often travel around to look at potential investment property and real estate. This trip to Silver City New Mexico and the surrounding towns in Grant County New Mexico real estate was not different. There are certainly some great opportunities in the Southwest New Mexico real estate market including Grant County and the Silver City metro. There are homes for sale that would amaze you and the prices are even more amazing. There are lots of arts and museums in the area and the real estate deals in Grant County New Mexico and the Silver City New Mexico real estate market are amazing to say the least. Some of the native style architecture in the homes is truly a work of art. IF you have the chance go and visit Southwest New Mexico and see for yourself.
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